We are a leader in commercial training programmes for Agribusiness

Network Ag is an industry leader in providing customised commercial training programmes for Agribusinesses. All training programmes are designed to challenge the individual, enhance skills and assist clients to achieve their corporate goals. With a high level of practical and innovative methods, training sessions provide participants with a set of tools that can be used every day to gain better results.



We focus on all areas of agribusiness including:

  • Suppliers – to both the rural and companion animal market
  • Retailers – Rural and Pet retailers
  • Industry Professionals – all levels of management
  • Small and Large scale Agribusinesses – it comes down to individual and team performance


Our programmes include:

  • Sales training – all customised to your business needs and focused on business goals
    • Introductory and Advanced
    • Case studies – specifically written for your business mirroring real sales experiences
    • Handling Objections – what are the typical objections your sales team faces – how do you overcome them?
    • Coaching– in-field or on the job coaching, usually following Network Ag’s training course
  • Key Account Management – how to manage key accounts at each level of their management
  • Sales Management and leadership – how to manage varying personalities across varying job functions in order to maximise results
  • Negotiation skills – practical systems that suit the specific requirements of the participants – not an ‘off the shelf’ programmes
  • Presentation and Communication skills – how to make sure that a message is communicated briefly and professionally, whether one-on-one or to a group
  • Time & Territory management – Correct analysis of the territory allows Territory Managers to set priorities and a pattern of time management that is systematic and sustainable
  • Interview skills – how to perform an interview, what to expect in an interview, how to prepare for the interview and how to discern between similar candidates
  • Other Services
    • Facilitation of Strategic meetings – a service used regularly by some of our clients
    • Mentoring of staff as they strive to develop their skills and experience


Training location: Training can be conducted in-house, at an outside venue.

Trainers: Each of our Training Partners has extensive industry and training experience across the Asia-Pacific region. Each Network Ag  Training Programme is developed in close collaboration our individual clients and is customised to meet specific needs.